Outer space as another warfighting domain

Space-powers are rushing to create space forces, and assume that outer space will become a new theater of war. In assuming so, the power doctrines of the Earth are applied. Yet, deterrence in outer space does not work well when an opponent might have little reliance on space capabilities and when satellites are sitting ducks and almost impossible to defend. Disarmament paradigms are called for – not armament. This is particularly so because when the shooting in space starts, space will be ruined for all of us, not only for those from the combatant states. Debris will inevitably be created that will remain in space for a long time, making affected orbits impossible to use for everybody for decades. A world without use of outer space is not going to be pretty, although few people understand that.

A poem to explain:  

        While you were sleeping

Did you not hear the drums of war,

heralding strife in Nature’s bosom, between the stars?

Was your dream so deep that doom did not disturb?

They lied that strength makes strong,

when the ant can kill the elephant,

the carcass poison the well.

A nightmare lived is our destiny,

when Mars beats out Minerva;

when the heavens become the field of manly sports,

and prudence orphan.

Your bed is warm and soft,

yet sleep is far too dear!



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